Saturday, April 5, 2008

Once we arrived in Tucson well...

Crikit here: it's sounds like 2-saun but
we like to say tuck-sun hehe haha of course that's wrong
Yikes we knew in an instant it wasn't our home
it was way too dark and no grass!
Daddy tried to get us to go inside this place but we weren't having it. There were strange noises, smells, people and well it just wasn't our home
what up dad?!
Ginger darted back to the truck, mommy had to raise her voice and put her on the leash to get her into the house. Daddy led us to the patio thru this maze of people and then mommy showed up with Ginger.
Our uncle opened another door and we went to the yard that had NO GRASS!
Hello? WHERE were we suppose to do our ~
you know what?
Ginger stayed in the middle of the yard looking at the door ready to run anywhere she could to avoid being petted.

mommy tricked her and locked her in the patio room where it turns out was gonna be our room during this visit. It was huge and kinda like outdoors but the huumons were calling it a screened patio ~ whatever when mommy put down our beds, our food bowls and water we knew we were restricted to this area.

Found out we had a fur cousin who lived in the house named Sharon. She was an 18-year old scaredy cat. Our relatives didn't believe us that we like cats as long as they don't run that's why we were not allowed in the house.
Sharon is purdy huh.

Everyone tried to pet us but no freakin way. How do we know they were really our family! jus cos daddy said so, he's tricked us before. It wasn't long before they left us there and closed all doors. Oh, Ginger even dropped a turd when daddy picked her up. His mother wanted to pet her but she was sooo against that idea it fell right out of her! we were shocked but the huumons laughed so we knew we wouldn't get introuble, phew! She hung out in the furthest part of the patio behind the swing away from everyone and tried never to sleep... she was stressed to say the least. Jus so ya'll know we were good and didn't chew anything and held our business the whole time we were stuck inside the patio room.
Golly. all we could do was hope the night would pass fast cos we knew we would visit Izzie the next day.
Love Licks, Crikit out


Lacy said...

woofies and burfs, sounds like u all were not happy not blame u, banneded u to the "covered porch"...didnt dey no "dogs rule"...

b safe,
rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I know its not easy to be in a place that is not our home! I am sure you will be fine tomorrow!
Kisses and hugs

Sharon said...

Boy it sounds like you waer stressed! You were so good on the long trip even id the camera monster mom was taking your picture every two minutes.

I know you would have been nice to the cat but that screened in patio place looks nice and big and you can get away from all the strange new humans there. I bet you will like it there once you get settled in! I hope you have a great vacation there!