Friday, March 7, 2008

TGIF means...

date day fur mommy & daddy
nice fur them but hello mom we still need to visit our friends!
so mommy said we can go say hi and then trot over later to read up on all the adventures ya'll had since we been out with our issues.
Oh! mommy & daddy said we're gonna change to a faster service at the end of this month! woohoo cos the slow omputee limits our visits before mommy gets frustrated
and shuts down the computee.
Us doggies need to learn how to work it ourselves, right?!
So we'll see how many visits we can get in before they leave
Love Ya'll


Baby Love said...

You guys are smart I bet you could learn how to use the internet. Glad to hear your back up & online.

Ferndoggle said...

A date day??? We think they should have a DOG day!!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I hope your mom and dad had a great date day!
Good luck with your internet connection! We changed our connection and its not as fast as we'd like it!
Have a good night

Hammer said...

Hi Mates
The exact same thing happens to our mum. She is paying $70 per month to our ISP and she can't pay any more. She near pulls out her hair sometimes and coz the compooter takes so long she has decided that when it really plays up, she has to stop and try again later. If it's not our ISP, it's Blogger. So we totally understand.
We've missed you all !!!
Love from Hammer

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hope u guys will get a good broadband service...

The Zoo Crew said...

It's great to see you guys back!!! Woohooo :)

peace + paws,

The Zoo Crew

The Daily Echo said...

Awww...that's so cool that your Mom and Dad had a date night. Was it like the Lady and the Tramp scene? Did they have spaghetti??