Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tag we're it!

We're catching up on things since we had our computee problems
Tagged we were by Sammy Smiles
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Hmmm lets see what is safe to share...
Me Crikit ~ when I was a puppy mommy & daddy fed me out of a flying saucer (frizbee). I only caught it when playing so they would feed me but I had trouble teaching them, so chewed up my saucer but smartie me remembered my command "go get your saucer" meant they were gonna feed me if I brought it to them. So now (Pacco knows this already) I peefur a plastic peefurably pink big huumon cereal bowl fur my food and when I want food I carry it around everywhere, sometimes I knock it against my pawrents legs or I slam it on the floor to make a really loud noise if they ignore me. Usually it works and I get food ~ didn't get to be 54 lovely pounds waiting fur them to decide when to feed me :)
Me Sparky ~ If mommy raises her voice cos one of us did something wrong I freeze just (like those people who do tricks on Echo's freeze post) because I am certain that lets her know 'it wasn't me' cos I'm not running fur cover, 90 % of the time it works! Even if I did pawticipate in the wrong doing :)
Me Ginger ~ Mommy & Daddy says I have the traits of a fox and I collect things fur my hidden fox den in mommy's kitchen corner. I review & pawtect my treasures 24/7
Our Mommy ~ she is an extreme compassioneesta fur all creatures that one day when she realized a newly born baby lizard fell into the trash receptical she returned the bin to the backyard and openned the lid so the baby's pawrents could lead it to safety. We love to chase them but she gets mad at us when she catches us. She became attached when a widdle bitty baby jumped on her hand while she was planting and jus sat there while she talked to it. Now she trys to pawtect every single one of them that wish to live in our yard.
Our Daddy ~ he is the bestest ball launcher, ball thrower and football playing daddy ever and he plays a long long time everyday even in the house when we can't go out.
okay that was 5 now since we've been behind on who had done this we gotta command fur you!
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Emma the Golden Girl said...

and the Canine Kids said,
Wow, we loved learning more about all of our Barking Loud buddies and your Mom and Dad.
We think your Mom rescuing lizards and your Dad playing ball sounds really cool!

Amber-Mae said...

Each of you guys have your own characteristics & that's what I love about you three! Your mom sounds like a very caring person who will not even hurt a fly. My mommy's like her too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Isis said...

thats some great stuff right there!


Izzie said...

Crikit Sparky and GInger

Wow! You're coming to Tucson??? I hope we can get together. Are you passing through or staying a bit? Will it be weekday or weeknight? Ask your mama or papa to email my mama and giver her the 4-1-1. (aren't I hip, using jargon like 4-1-1?).

mama's email is

Mack said...

You are beautiful like a fox!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Thanks for sharing all those things about you 3 and your mom and dad!
I'd love to see that "freeze" moment!
Kisses and hugs