Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smartie Furs!

ha ha ha ~
so what gave me away?

I know I know ...

Yes friendzees Your right! It's me Sparky aka Spartacus enjoying the coveted spot in daddy's truck.

Thank you Asta Darling fur the lovely compliment and Miss Model Lorenza your right, I'd have to dye my hair to be in disguise ~ see I can't get away with anything around here, my handsome coloring gives me away every time!
SO who wants to go fur a ride?
WOO HOO Sparky out ~


Eduardo said...

Yes it was your fur that gave you away! I want to go for a ride! Whoo Hoo!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lacy said...

w00f's Sparky, Crikit and Ginger, heehee me didnt nos whos feeties it wuz..where iz we going lovesss to ride too...

b safe,

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Isis said...

hey. you're not allowed to close your blog. What is that all about?! you just got back! don't leave me again!