Monday, June 23, 2008

Mean dog news

Our plan is to catch up on all ya'lls adventures but we must share this info we received ...
One of the 2 dogs that attacked mommy & our little Ginger at 9-months old in Oct. 2006 while on an evening walk was recently made to leave the community. It was so terrible that Gingi got attacked because the attack altered her personality ~ plus mommy was hesitant to help loose doggies fur awhile too. Well, the meanest of the 2 attacked another human and was sent to live with family far far away ~ yeah! We think California but the other dog still lives near and is required to have a vicious dog sign posted outside the home. It was said that they were hybrid German Shepperd's; we thought they looked like extra tall wolves ~ they were very purdy but scary. The owners would never speak with our pawrents so we really don't know except what the city paperwork says. It's a relief. OK we must get back to visiting ya'll till we get caught up!
Love Licks ~ Crikit & Sparky reporting Y


Charlie Daniels said...

I really don't understand why some dogs think they have to act tuff and mean all the time. I think perhaps they have had tooo much chicken and they can't get the chook wind out of their bodies. I think the pressure build up effects their brains ......



Lacy said...

w00f's Ginger, Crikit and sissy angel lacylulu was attacked a few years ago by a mastif, biggg doggy, it throw her up in da air and bited her several times..soo her wuz skeered of big doggies...and this doggy wuz our neighbors...

b safe,

Kodak the Eskie said...

I'm so glad that the one doggie is gone. Hopefully the owner of the other dog will be careful not to let it get out. Your mommy must have been so scared and poor Ginger too. That is one of my mommy biggest scares when she sees a loose dog. Let's all think good thoughts now like chasing squirrels!!

Hugs, Kodak

Arabella said...

It's too bad those dog's humans didn't care enough to keep them away from others. I hope the signage helps matters.

duo_disaster said...

Aww! Bad owners we would say thou'

We dont think the signage will help Ginger thou' since her personality has changed ~

Then again! Thank GOD for everything now and now!

Rudolf & Goofy

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Oh my crap!!! Your human was was attacked???? That is horrible! Some dogs can just be so mean, and it's too bad!

Sorry to hear that one of the dogs had to leave, but perhaps now the neighborhood is a little safer?

Hope to hear more about your adventures!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

happy said...

That sounds horrible! Perhaps it's better that the dog has to leave.

So glad to have you back. Have a barking loud day!

Amber-Mae said...

We hate it when they are mean dog gangsters living in our neighborhood. Glad that they both were transfered further away from where you guys live. Poor Ginger & your mom...I guess those dogs have the same behavior as their owners. Actually, it's no good to put up a sign outside the gate saying that "A Vicious Dog Lives Here" becoz it will only make people scared & that breed eventhough it's a hybrid will have a bad reputation. Most people will euthanize aggressive dogs but I guess they are giving them one more chance...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey, its awful to stories of dog attacks...your poor mum and Ginger. We recently had a dog come up to us off lead and have a go while we were being walked by B and we were on lead too. The said dog just doesnt like me but he was also no match for me and I quickly put him in his place.
Glad to hear one of the doggies has gone to live elsewhere.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah xx

Sharon said...

That is so awful! Poor mom and Ginger! I'm glad one of the mean dogs is gone away, but I hope it doesn't attack anyone in its new home. I hope the woners of the other one make sure it stays in the yard. How scary.

Take care and have a great week!

Snowball said...

Woof! I am sorry to hear about the bad experience poor Ginger girl had gone through. I hope she can get back to her normal self again.

I dunno if it is a good new that the dog has to be sent away but at least he was not sent to the shelter. Its always the owner who should be responsible to how their dog should behave. Curse the owner for not training and socialising their dog properly.



Wuffstuff said...

Nasty experience for you all.

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We're looking for members with quality dogs and 'tails' to tell to add stuff to our dog lovers site.

Hope you have time to have a look at us.


Ferndoggle said...

It's a shame that the owners are so irresponsible that they can't contain their dogs...esp. if they're vicious. We're sorry your Mom & Ginger had to go through that.


Mack said...

OMD - what meanies!!

One time while I was on a walkies with mom, these two Bostons with attitudes jumped over their fence and TRIED to mess with me & momma, but of course they got one look at my fierceness and ran away! Heehee

The Zoo Crew said...

It's so horrible that some people can't be more responsible for their animals. I'm glad you'll have peace of mind knowing one is living far away!!


Joe Stains said...

I hate mean dogs :( I hate people that make dogs mean :(

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I agree with Joey!
Sure that was a very bad experience. I hope you feel safer knowing that that dog is no longer near to your house and I hope too that the other dog stays into his yard all the time!
Kisses and hugs

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, how scary. We're glad at least one dog is out of the neighborhood.

Good to see you back again.

purrs and tail wags

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i think to have bad dogs, first they have bad owners...

JB's Big World said...

That sure is good news. I am so sad this happened. Sometimes dogs can be bad if they have bad owners.

Girasol said...

OMG that's scary. I'm happy one dog far from you guys.

I found that you guys were selected the "Cool Site of the Day" for June 7 (!!!!

Chef said...

That's terrible. At least you can all relax a little knowing of the vicious dogs is gone. I've been attacked twice. Once a poodle dug his teeth into my back and was just hanging there = big stitches for me. A couple of months ago a German Shepherd had my head in his mouth and his teeth were in my eye. Almost lost my eye. Mama had to hit the dog to let go of me and she was terrified he'd bite her. It's horrible to be attacked and I'm sorry that happend to Ginger. I'm glad he's out of your lives.


Amber said...

It must be scary getting attack by dog, poor Ginger and your mom. Hope the owner be more responsible. Mommy also got chased by stray dogs before, she went out to look for my late sissy cat,yuki. Then 3 dogs saw her and ran straight towards her, mommy tried to run but the dogs were too fast and thank god she was holding a stick, she faced the dogs taking little steps back and shouting for her mom. Her mom came out from the house quickly and rescued mommy. Just something to share to you and your mom :)

~Take care

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Crikit, Sparky, and Ginger!
We've been busy too and we're doing the same as you.. that is, catching up on other's bloggies.
Oh dear, the vicious dog sounds scary. And he's in California? uh oh...
We're glad nothing extremely serious happened when Ginger was attacked though.. but still..
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Deetz said...

I bet they were wolf hybrid. You can never make them pets and alot of people get them cuz they look like shephards. We have alot of pit bulls around here and mum is afraid of them cuz around here they train them to fight and not to be nice doggies...they always run in packs

powder-puff said...

I cant belive that some dogs are mean enough to attack!! Im glad i've never met such a dog!!

Its good news though that one of the mean dogs is movng away!!

lots of love

Chef said...

Hi. Hope you're enjoying some time off... question: did you get your package from Koobuss? I'm trying to finish up with the Goody Exchange and I don't want to leave anyone out. Pls. let me know.

xox Kissies

Abby and Jack said...

Yikes! Sounds like scary stuff! Glad they sent those mean doggies away!