Friday, January 18, 2008

where's the SNOW?

last year ICE ~ this year pellets

1-year ago this week we had ICE not the beeuutiful stuff some of our friendzees are showing us but after seeing LacyLuLu's snow yesterday... well, as memory serves: this week last year we experience our 1st real freeze and we were not prepared fur this... it was cold and well Sparky had out grown his sweater.

that's Ginger in the upper left me on the right and cold Sparky not wanting camera monster in his face. Never noticed I had out grown my sweater too! We stayed on deck cos the stairs were covered with ICE that we could not go down to potty. I barked at Sparky that his tongue was gonna stick but he wouldn't listen, then... I had to bark at Ginger cos she was following Sparky's lead!Good thing the ICE was gone after about two days cos Ginger would not potty. Silly Sparky only did his business after mom cleared ICE sheets off the grass. As fur me I had to go if ya know what I mean even if I couldn't find any grass. So mom took us out front and chicken dad is waving out the window! The world did look kinda purdy though so camera monster went to town taking pictures till the camera got cold and decided to hibernate. we had to be careful of falling sickles!

(if you click on the pics you can see the intense cold)

We were so frozen in, mom & dad couldn't even take us fur a ride or put out the trash!

Today it's freezing and we have some ice pellets dropping but hello
Where's the SNOW?!


Crikit reporting ~ none to our dismay


Maya and Kena said...

Oh my DOG!!!
That looks so c-o-l-d yet so c-o-o-l!!!
Poor you guys, it must be hard to hold it in...and we thought it was cold over here! Hope it warms up soon! But the pictures are amazing!!
Oh, and thanks fur the comment! And well, Kena didn't exactly get peed on, she went looking fur it, but luckily she did not get it on her...wheww! But boy did she smell afterwards!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Lacy said...

woofies CGS, brrr it lookies sooooo cold in dose post to gir more snow will send u sum...

b safe,

JB's Big World said...

That looks SUPER cold! We did not get ice here hear Dallas.....just really cold. At least I have an indoor potty so I don't have to freeze my toes outside!

Jan said...

Yep, that's frozen! Stay inside where it's warm, watch tv and eat snacks.

jans funny farm

Ferndoggle said...

Those pictures are bootiful but brrrrrrr, too cold for us! If you find out where the snow is, could you please ask it to stop by Jackman Ave?

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I am always complaining about the cold weather here but I guess its nothing compared with the ice you have there!
I imagine how hard is to go pooty for you all!
Take care

Ripley said...

I got cold just looking at those icicles! We never get snow where we live. But my mom and dad take us up to play in the snow sometimes. It's fun but we like to get back in the nice, warm car, too.

Weeny&Daisy said...

OH MY DOG! Its so pretty there! But cold too! We were woried that your tongues would get stuck to the floor, but luckily they didnt! We hope you get some fun snow soon, or that the ice goes away!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Katie said...

cold, cold, cold. it is cold here, too. BRRRR. we all had to wear our coats outside today because it was supposed to feel like -16 degrees outside.

tuffyinsaudi said...

Geee... that looks really cold !! i'd like to try it if its going to freeze me out... kekekeke... my mum's gonna faint if she has to be there!! it was -4 deg 2 days back and she was already freezing... i made myself clear i wasn't cold but she made me put on silly looking jacket with a hood too!! which covers my eyes!! aaargh... :D

Chef said...

Isn't snow just the BEST? We have so much of it here, but your icicles are nicer than ours. I'm a snow-potty pro cuz that's where I learned to go as a puppy, being a Canadian and all. Anyway, lots of slurps and loveslobber...xoxo Chef (TWF - Tail Wagging Fast)

Sparky said...

Wow! I've never seen that much ice before! Cool pictures! Looks cold, though.


Girasol said...

OMD! you better stay warm!
I saw the pics and I felt cold.

Sharon said...

WOW, that looks soooo cold you guys! I'd hate to geet my feeties all cold going out in that to go potty!

Arabella said...

Wow, it's like really cold here now and all we have is leftover snow/ice. I want the fluffy stuff. 'Nyways, my poor puppy friend never came back we hope beyond hope that he's found a place that's safe and warm and far from those that made him scared of people.

Thor said...

It looks so cold there! It´s better to be inside of house and warm!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh..i love those ice... they looks bootiful...

but sorry to hear that they forbidden u for a deserved walk...

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, look at all those ice n top of the roof! They look sharp...Hopefully they will not fall down or else it would be very dangerous. It looks very furreeeezing there!

Love licks,
Solid Gold dancer

Mary Lou said...

I can't believe you found sweaters big enouth for your puppies!

Despite the ice, you still have the header pic up on your blog that reminds us of warmer times. That pic always makes me happy!

- Drunkbunny at

The Brat Pack said...

That looks really cool! (no pun intended) No snow here in DFW either. :(


Amber said...

Brrrrr~ I feel cold just by looking at the pic. Hope you stay warm all the time!

Amber :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly did look cold. But you know what? BoDog loves the cold weather here in Georgia a lot better than he likes the hot summers. Hope you all can stay inside and make cookies.

Sweepy said...'s sooo cold so i'm leaving soon. jaz want to drop by and tell you i gave you an award. please visit our site!

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Friendzees!

thanks fur all your warm wishes...

Maya! hey! Kena! so glad to hear you didn't get peed on!

LacyLuLu! we may not like ice but we're gonna watch fur your package of snow! woohoo thanks!

JB! lucky you getting to potty inside!

Jan! pawsome idea!

Sherman! Penny! Lola! LacyLuLu's got snow we'll tell her to send you some!

Lorenza! you would need 2 coats fur sure cos its cold!

Ripley! lucky you! you can drive to snow whenever you want?! wow

Weeny! Daisy! ya'll would need lots of coats to keep your wittle bodies warm!

Katie! OMD we fur sure could not handle -16, we'll send you warm vibes OMD

Tuffy! so nice to meet you! we wish we had a coat that fit! our mommy can't handle anything in the 60's or below so can you imagine! She is miserable!

Chef! hey buddy! so your a pro at snow potty, cool hehe get it coool
awh we make ourselves laugh. We think we would like snow but then Ginger would never potty...

Sparky! it is so cold you would have to wear your sweater fur sure! But then again you look fab in your red sweater!

Girasol! yup all we have to do is look at them and buuuurrr!

Rusty! do you ever see squirrels in the snow? the worst part is the cold wet paws!

Arabella! awh we prayed your friend found his home or at least a warm place with food! So you got the cold stuff too. We think we would like snow but we can't stand the ice.

Thor! gosh we love your name everytime we see it! mom made us stay inside and we didn't mind with this stuff!

Pacco! awh thank you for your concern about our walkies. you are so right, no one would take us and we couldn't even go out and play.

Amber-Mae! yup mom was concern fur us when we had to go out cos they can hurt!

Sparky! Marylou! awwh thanks fur the compee. That made us feel so special! Thanks

Brat Pack! your unintentional pun made us laugh! snow would be nice but not this ice.

Amber! right?! just looking at them gives a chill.

ga.farmgirl! pawsome idea! stay in and bake cookies woohoo! BoDog! hey buddy do you ever have to wear a coat there?

Sweepy! awh Thank you an Award! woohoo! you made us laugh that you stopped and got cold so quick you left.

Love Licks friends fur all your warm wishes! We love you!