Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crikit knows best why don't they know that?

That's right Crikit here...

I try to protect m&d from that loud machine that leaves the yard better to run in but they don't seem to appreciate it. So after a couple of minutes I just go find some shade and watch dad walk back and forth making all that loud noise. He doesn't want to throw my ball or anything.

Mom made us communicate with the new pup in back and she is calling him Charlie. He's little and seems okay. He was howling so I guess he was locked outside. If your not use to it, it can really be a bummer. I know I don't like being locked out. Anyhow. mom made the 3 of us sit at the fence with him while he yelped and she talked sweet to him.

Lucky us though mom went and pulled out our pools!, woohoo!! I love cooling off in my pool 'cos when m&d stay outside for a long time it gets hot! Lucky me Ginger doesn't get in much and Sparky gets out when I get in so I get it to myself a lot and that is how I like it.

The most fun part of today though is m&d opened the fence and let us do our freedom run. I love that no leashes and we get to run all over the front yard after they finish doing their thing. Sparky though almost blew it for us because when mom called he ran into the street instead of down the sidewalk like we always do. Sure enough that cut our fun run short and they told us to go home which means we need to get back in the backyard quick.

Well we all cooled off on deck and they threw my ball a few times and the new pup's dad was home so mom stopped worrying about him and then we went into the ac to nap.

I may not like that noisy machine but I sure do like the fun we have afterwards. I guess that means no walk tonight. Oh well our yard is nice again, no poop and I can see my ball easier and run faster!

Hmm I think I want to go play... dad you ready?


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